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Wine and Spirits

Salmon Creek


Buzz Balls

  • Awesome mixed drinks made from 100% juices, vodka, gin, rum or tequilla!
  • 20% ALC by volume
  • Less sugar than other major brands
  • Made using 100% juice & natural ingredients
  • Unbreakable safe container – perfect for the beach, camping, pool, tailgating, picnics, jacuzzi, THE beach...
  • Freeze them and they don't explore or distort – they have enough liquor to just turn slushy! Ready to drink when you are.
  • They float in the cooler, and down the river in our convenient sak!
  • Container 100% recyclable!

Post Familie Winery

Post Familie Winegrowers --- Since 1880, five generations of Posts have cultivated and harvested their grapes to make Post Familie wines. The founder of our wine heritage and Altus viticulture was Jacob Post, a German who arrived in America in 1872. From his cellar, he sold the first Altus wines to passengers on the Iron Mountain Railroad, when the train stopped by his farm for fuel and water.

His daughter-in-law, the colorful Katherine Post, was rumored to have served wine with her meals at her very popular restaurant during the Prohibition Era.

After Prohibition, the state legislature turned to her son James for help in writing laws to make winegrowing legal once again. He and his son Mathew formed the Post Winery at its present location.

By adding new grape varieties to the vineyards and improvements in the winemaking process, combined with increasing storage capacity, Matt made the winery a successful business. His 12 sons and daughters ensure the familie tradition of making fine wines will continue.

Today it is this fifth generation that is continuing this winegrowing tradition of excellence. Incorporating the latest technology has improved both vineyards and winery. Our resulting wines have been Gold Medal Winners. Taste the tradition and "Toast with Post."